What is currently included in the site?

The site consists of a Youth and Community Centre set within hard and soft landscaping. There is a small scout shop, nursery and car parking for users. 

Why are you re-developing this site?

Bracknell Forest Council gained approval to enter into a Joint Venture with Countryside Properties to deliver this vision as a 50:50 partnership.

Coopers Hill is a key site within the Councils long term aspirations within the ‘Bracknell Town centre Vision 2032’ report which sets out how Bracknell will realise its potential as a strong town centre, serving a prosperous and dynamic area.

Coopers Hill is part of the first phase of sites to come forward under this strategy and seeks to reinvigorate the wider town centre by developing high quality development of complementary uses in the town centre and surrounding area.

What will happen to the community centre?

The council have deemed the youth and community centre not fit for purpose. This decision was made due to a number of factors including: the facilities being significantly underutilised and the existing facilities requiring significant investment to be brought up to standard; including lack of DDA compliance.

The council have re-provided community space for the Youth orientated uses within the new, fit for purpose Bracken Walk which is in close proximity or within existing council owned centres, such as Portman Close, 21 Market Street which will be a support hub for young people. Other community groups, that are not youth focused, have been supported to find alternative meeting space within nearby, existing fit for purpose community spaces or other venues.

What is the difference between the Local Planning Authority and the Council in its Joint Venture capacity?

The Coopers Hill application will be submitted to the Local Planning Authority. The council’s role as planning authority is entirely separate from its role as landowner and developer. This scheme will be subject to the same regulations as any other planning applications received by the council.

What are you proposing?

Our low-density housing scheme will deliver 52 new homes across a range of sizes and tenures, set within a landscaped environment.

What kind of architecture are you proposing?

We hope to deliver a mix of 2 to 3-storey buildings containing both terraced houses and flats to suit the needs and desires of different households from single people, downsizers to families and young couples.

The street view is staggered to create a suburban character to suit the immediate context. The building line is set back from the footpath to allow for front gardens, creating a buffer between the road and residential spaces.

Materials are predominantly traditional brick, with a proposed combination of bonding and colours to create variety and interest across all elevations.

How will the designs fit into the character of the area?

The overall character of the proposal is intended to be of a lower scale than within the Town Centre and more in keeping with the sub-urban scale surrounding the site. The site is seen as a transition between the urban scale of the Town Centre and the lower density developments on the outskirts.

How tall will the new buildings be?

Building heights are proposed to range between two to three storeys in height.  

Will you provide any affordable homes?

We are seeking to deliver 25 per cent of the development as affordable homes.

Will you provide any wheelchair accessible homes?

Yes, the development is seeking to deliver a proportion as wheelchair accessible homes.

How much parking will be provided on-site?

Around 80 parking spaces are proposed within the development. Parking will be arranged in a mix of on plot and within parking courts.

Will you provide cycle storage?

Cycle storage is provided for all homes at a ration of one bike per habitable room, in a secure locked bike storage set-up for each unit. A total of 122 secure cycle spaces to be provided.

When will you publish detailed plans for traffic and servicing of the site?

A detailed assessment of how traffic and servicing of the site will be managed will form part of the planning process.

How will you manage residential waste and recycling?

The access road is wide enough to ensure seamless management of weekly refuse collection.

What is the timetable for construction?

The development is currently anticipated to start on site in autumn of 2021

What is your plan for construction and delivery management?

A Construction Management Plan will be developed prior to works commencing on site as part of planning, and will include a traffic management strategy. Countryside is a member of the Considerate Constructors scheme who will independently score us on the efforts we make to be considerate to our neighbours.

A neighbourhood liaison officer who will be a point of contact should there be any concerns during the construction phase will also be appointed, and the project team will be working closely with the local community to avoid disruptive activities.